Uninstalling skins

Uninstalling weapon skins and models:

1.Start by going to steam\steamapps\username\counter-strike source\cstrike 2.Go in materials folder 3.In materials folder, search for models folder 4.Go in the models folder 5.Remove the weapons folder in the models folder 6.Go back to materials folder, and search for VGUI folder 7.In the VGUI folder, go to gfx folder 8.Remove the VGUI folder in the gfx folder 9.Next, go back to cstrike folder. 10.Go in models folder, and remove the weapons folder in it 11.Now go the cstrike\scripts, and remove the weapons folder
  1. Now for the final step, go to cstrike\sound, and remove the weapons folder

Now your done

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    Posted 5 years ago

    What does this have to do with animating? Wrong category.

    Algebra 8=D
  • Orange Tic Tac's Levels
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    Posted 5 years ago

    Awsome, but what about removing player skins? might wanna look into that, although i dont like to use player skins...



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