Creating/Installing CSS Hud's

This is going to cover how to create and install a custom CSS hud using the

Inpact CSS Hud Tweaker

First things first...after you DL and install the program the first time you run it it will ask for your CSTRIKE directory. This will be c:/program files/steam/steam apps/YOURNAME/counterstrike source/cstrike.


The Main Menu

Now when you first get it up and running it will be in some other language, Dont worry just look in the upper right hand corner and click the


Now that you can read the program we will start by changing the

Menu Background"

Look down near the bottom of the window you will see a box that says:

Modify CSS Menu

, click this and you will get a picture of the main menu on the screen.

Now the program has some default selections located in the

Background images Drop down menu


But you want your own image right?? so after you get whatever picture you want just copy the pic into the Programs Data folder LOCATED: c:/ wherever you installed it/inpact_css_hud_tweaker/data/menu_backgrounds.

Now restart the application and your chosen pic will be in the Background image dropdown menu.

Click on the

Apply to CSS

Button. You will get a msg that says Your menu is about to be overwritten!! SEE screenshot A...Click OK and you now have a new menu background.


The Ingame hud

First click on the

Modify CSS Hud Button at the bottom

This part is pretty straight forward there are several things you can do here.

First we will be dealing with the simple things:

Colors and Fonts

SEE Screenshot B Here you will see the buttons for customizing things.

First choose

Modify Numbers' Font

Simply chose any font you have installed on your computer that you would like to use. SEE Screenshot C ***NOTE****Some custom fonts will not show the numbers correctly so be sure to pay attention to this!!

Now after you pick your font Select the

Modify Colors Button

SEE Screenshot D

Just change the colors as you like and VIOLA...your hud will now be a new color and a new font!!!

Simply Click on apply to CSS and you will get the same msg as before:

Your CSS Hud is about to be overwriten

Click ok, And you have just modified your CSS HUD and MENU BACKGROUND!!!!



Want to change the location of things on your HUD??? Well you can do that too. All you have to do is place your cursor over the item and a little hand will appear. Just drag the components to where you would like them. Very simple.

If you really want to tweak your HUD the click on the

show/hide elements button

SEE Screenshot E

Here you can remove any of the components you want to have a cleaner looking HUD if you wish.

There now you have a killer CSS HUD That you made all by yourself. If you have any further questions/ or if I forgot anything Please feel free to contact me.

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  • Black_Hawk_MW2 avatar
    Black_Hawk_MW2 Offline
    4 medals 1 rare
    Member Joined 3 years ago
    • Report icon
    3 years ago:
    1. I couldn't find a button to change the color of the buy menu, so please, is it possible to do it changeable?
    2. In game (whatever singleplayer or multiplayer) I don't see nor my name neither the names of my teammates or opponents. I only see the little pictures if they are dead or if they've deserved a star. I also can't see the scores of the players. Is that a problem of mine or if it's not, could you fix it?
    3. I tried to change the picture of the menu, but the only difference was "Counter Strike Source" which you originally put into the menu. It's size was 1600 pxls. Is this a problem? Although this HUD Editor is very good and I thank you for creating it! It is really useful. I have changed all of my skins ingame, so I though it was going to be a good idea to change the HUD, too... So keep up with the good work!!! :)))
  • kansa04 avatar
    kansa04 Offline
    5 medals 2 rare
    Member Joined 5 years ago
    • Report icon
    5 years ago:

    Actually my first tweaking was a success thank you... but there is something missing at the first, it was asking me for the width and height of my CSS but I was wrong on what I place there so thats why it got wrong, and when I open it, it does not ask for the width and height anymore, and when I click the "apply to CS" button my hud does not change.

    Edit: How will I uninstall the hud which I made already?

    I ain't got no points lol.
  • zombie_killer avatar
    zombie_killer Offline
    6 medals 3 rare
    Member Joined 7 years ago
    • Report icon
    6 years ago:

    I was very puzzled too when the icons disappeared from the hud and were replaced by letters a, b, c, d etc.

    The documentation isn't very helpful. Took me a whole day to mess around and search for solution.

    In the end I found the solution here:

    The solution the developer's mention is to restart your PC in order to register the fonts with the OS.

    Very frustrated and relieved at the same time.

    Edit: Another solution I've found which may be better is to go to the data\fonts folder in the directory where you extracted the hud tweaker and right-click on the fonts and click install. Do this for all the fonts or the fonts you will be using. You should see the correct hud icons now when you launch inpact css hud tweaker.

    Also, if your getting some dll error in vista, try right-clicking and selecting "run as admin". If that doesn't work, then you need to download the missing dll file.

  • dounut avatar
    dounut Offline
    5 medals 2 rare
    Member Joined 6 years ago
    • Report icon
    6 years ago:

    Hi, I have never used anything like this before. I need some help please. I opened the program but I never changed anything. And I didn't want this program any more. So I pressed "Quit" and deleted it. I then opened up my Counter Strike Source, only to notice that all my text has changed and the images (Of when you pick up the bomb isn't the picture any more. It says the letter "J") Also the Health, Armour, Time, Cash. Have all changed too. Here is a link showing this.

    Please help because this has ruined my Counter Strike Source and I'm not very happy.

    Thank You, ~Dounut

  • insanesurfer avatar
    insanesurfer Offline
    6 medals 3 rare
    Member Joined 6 years ago
    • Report icon
    6 years ago:

    Hi, im trying to get a pic as menu background but i cant get it to work, i have a widescreen so i use 16:10 as aspect ratio and 1024x768 as resolution. if i set it on 3:4 and 1024x768 it does work, then i see the pic, but as soon i switch to 16:10, i get the normal background again. could anyone help me plz :) this is the pick i want as background: Could anyone plz help me i cant get it to work, tried it 10 times :(

  • Mummi avatar
    Mummi Offline
    239 points Ranked 11861st
    6 medals 3 rare
    Member Joined 6 years ago
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  • T11LMG avatar
    T11LMG Offline
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    Member Joined 7 years ago
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    7 years ago:


  • Karnivore915 avatar
    Karnivore915 Offline
    421 points Ranked 7766th
    6 medals 3 rare
    Member Joined 7 years ago
    • Report icon
    7 years ago:

    OK for all of you who don't know... here it is

    The version used in this tutorial is V1.18... and the link for the download is version 1.19.

    For those of you who want 1.18 (in this tut) here is a link Now that that is there, DONT scream at me if it doesnt work anymore because I havnt tried it.

    Now for my question... I seem to have put in the wrong screen resolution and I tried what seemed like everything to try to reset it but I cannot... anybody know how?

    That guy you wish you were avatar
    User Title
    That guy you wish you were
  • drimp avatar
    drimp Offline
    7,499 points Ranked 495th
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    • Report icon
    7 years ago:

    This tool un-installed all my games on my steam and kept the files. Know why?

    Mapping Imp avatar
    User Title
    Mapping Imp
  • eclair avatar
    eclair Offline
    473 points Ranked 7096th
    6 medals 3 rare
    Member Joined 9 years ago
    • Report icon
    7 years ago:

    I've been searching forever, but....UGGG!!!

    I've managed to set up v1.19 (See your link) but in your screen shots, and Inpacts help screen shots, they have a different version, a version that lets you customize radars and such, I don't have that. What version do you have?

    Quea Sera, Sera avatar
    User Title
    Quea Sera, Sera


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