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By dOshoultzy 1 year ago

We have numerous things wrong with our server and I think it's the problem of Zombie:Realoded. Okay first off I was told that Zombie:Realoded works as a Zombie Escape mod so that's why I chose it cause I can not find A zombie escape mod anywhere. Here are the problems we are having

  1. The jumping height is weird, one person jumps super high and some people can barely even jump.
  2. Zombies run through humans
  3. How do you get the Red screen with the blood stains off?
  4. When a CT turns into a zombie they infect with one stab, but when a T turns into a zombie it takes 5-10 stabs
  5. Zombie Health regenerates Very quickly
  6. Zombie Run Really fast

If anybody could tell us how to do this that would be great. Or if you want to get on skype with me and my buddy teamviewer the server'

If this is not a Zombie Escape Mod where can i find a zombie escape mod

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    1 year ago:

    All of these things are server-specific. you need to configure your server the way you want. almost no servers run the default configs.

    for example, your first point, it sounds like there are different zombie classes on your server. one of them seems to have a lower gravity. this is something that you'll need to fix via the config files.

    i think the zombie:reloaded mod team might be a bit more helpful, as they would probably have some easy documentation to read for you about running, config'ing, and upkeeping a Z:R server.

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