Please tell me how to do BSPZIP

I'm Japanese.

By donaotosi 3 years ago

Please make a brief description so that you are not familiar BSPZIP

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    Posted 3 years ago

    If you want to add files to your BSP you can use third-party tools such as PackBSP or Pakrat. Pakrat is no longer being updated (as far as I know) but PackBSP is actively being developed. Both will work with CS:S BSP versions. They are easy to use, just click the Add button and select the files you want to add to the BSP. With Pakrat when it asks to fix up file paths click yes.

    If you want to specifically use the BSPZIP command line tool then there is documentation for it here. I'm afraid it has not been translated into Japanese, though, but if you need any help just ask.

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