De_dust & De_dust2 Custom Gras

De_dust / de_dust 2 custom grass and dirt blend textures.

Custom Grass and Dirt textures were created from taking actual pictures of my front and back yard grass and dirt with a 5 megapixal digi camera. Then brought into photoshop 7 to crop and make tileable for in game. Normal maps created using NVidia Normal Map Filter in Photoshop (in hopes that they work on displacements) Custom .vmf file with surface prop value to create the grass sound when running/walking.

Looks pretty nice in game, gives the maps a new feel. Please let me know what you think. These are my first tiled textures that I have created from my actual yard.

Download 3 mb

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    5 years ago:

    Pros: good Cons: cool Improvements: ok Notes: awesome

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    6 years ago:

    Pros: Good texture. Cons: just cool. Improvements: nope =D Notes: awesome.

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    6 years ago:

    Its good but mabye less grass?

    im using it atm though =D

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