This is my 1st skin

I was bored and made this skin

Thanks to Samed for supporting

Download 3 mb

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  • kisssofdeaths.son avatar
    kisssofdeaths.son Offline
    475 points Ranked 7364th
    Member Joined 4 years ago

    This is the best c4 skin on fpsbanana

  • AvAngArD avatar
    AvAngArD Offline
    204 points Ranked 13792nd
    Member Joined 4 years ago

    excellent texture, good looks, only where the world model???? She broken??

  • skyhot004 avatar
    skyhot004 Offline
    1,460 points Ranked 2705th
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    i like that shiny XD

    Bananite avatar
    User Title
  • Low-Killer95 avatar
    Low-Killer95 Offline
    1,553 points Ranked 2543rd
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    for your first skin, i think this is really great, keep up the good work :D

    "The Awesome Sprays Maker avatar
    User Title
    "The Awesome Sprays Maker
  • Mark_K avatar
    Mark_K Offline
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    Animation: not yours Model: not yours Texture: low quality


  • Redmark avatar
    Redmark Offline
    128 points Ranked 18866th
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    You seriously think we care its ur first skin? And why did u have to add it to the render. We fucking believe its ur first. But i aint here to insult the skin. It is pretty good. Thats all i wanna say.


    Blood red temptation. avatar
    User Title
    Blood red temptation.
  • !Nassendaali! avatar
    !Nassendaali! Offline
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    U rule bro! its fking amazing for ur first skin! (=

  • Batt avatar
    Batt Offline
    661 points Ranked 5588th
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    Very impressive for a first skin!

    Just lay off the Phong a little!

    Zombie Mod FTW
  • Unitrix. avatar
    Unitrix. Offline
    242 points Ranked 12197th
    Member Joined 7 years ago

    Aminiza Koymaya Geliyorl LOL!! XD For a First Skin Its awesome, nice work =D


    Go kill your self! avatar
    User Title
    Go kill your self!
  • FFFFFFF avatar
    FFFFFFF Offline
    469 points Ranked 7428th
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    Not too bad for your first time


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Key Authors
FeYYaZ-FaTiLLIo Offline
Member Joined 7 years ago
samed Offline
Member Joined 5 years ago
Original Authors
Valve Corporation
Counter-Strike: Source (default texture(s))


FeYYaZ-FaTiLLIo avatar
FeYYaZ-FaTiLLIo Offline
Member Joined 7 years ago




Skill LevelRatingVotes
Expert+++ 9 to 10 30
Expert++ 9 to 10 20
Expert+ 9 to 10 10
Expert 9 to 10 5
Intermediate+ 8 to 8.99 3
Intermediate 7 to 7.99 3
Beginner+ 6 to 6.99 2
Beginner 5 to 5.99 2
Beginner- 0 to 4.99 2


Model Class
Default Model
Texture Class
Custom Texture


Date Added
6 years ago
Date Modified
7 months ago

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