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Zombie hands (anims only)

Zombie-like hand anims and sounds to replace the knife. Originally I made these anims for the Zombie Mod because zombies with knifes look just stupid, but with a little imagination and a proper skin you can use these for anything from tiger claws to crazy hobo on crack! The sounds aren't that great but they do fit little better than the metallic knife sounds..

Models & skins: Valve & Kuristaja Animations: Kuristaja Sounds: Valve, Kuristaja & unknown

Some nice skins you might want to use:

All Cracked Up Dirty Undead Hands Ima Get Cha! Deadmans hand Anthro Arms V2 Hobo Gloves!

Version 1.2!1

Added simple finger nails with 5 different color variations. Check readme.txt for detailed instructions how to remove the nails if you don't like them.

Version 1.1 is out!

Updated version 1.1 has some improvements and changes. For example, the "stab" anim is now a two hand strike. I also included a second compile which uses a skin from directory called "z_hands" insted of normal "hands". This is nice to have especially on Zombie Mod servers.

Video preview:

Download 1 mb

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  • Toast3r avatar
    Toast3r Offline
    Member Joined 7 years ago

    It reminds me of farcry 1

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  • Lil K avatar
    Lil K Offline
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    I think that hands must be like ugly zombie hands.

  • Kuristaja avatar
    Kuristaja Offline
    3,169 points Ranked 1201st
    Member Joined 6 years ago
    Posted by FPSTerrorist405 Awsome but how do u install it?

    There's a readme.txt file included, so read it..

  • FPSTerrorist405 avatar
    FPSTerrorist405 Offline
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    Awsome but how do u install it?

    It's Never too late to eat som
  • Nyanch avatar
    Nyanch Offline
    249 points Ranked 11892nd
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    This is kinda like a "fist" skin or a "slap" skin

    The meaning of stupidity.
  • Counter Strike 1.6 Non Steam avatar
    Counter Strike 1.6 Non Steam Offline
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    Lol Knife on geme iz zombi panic! souce

  • Shotoku8745 avatar
    Shotoku8745 Offline
    Member Joined 7 years ago

    Thank u so much i give u a 50/10
  • Lupus XIII avatar
    Lupus XIII Offline
    772 points Ranked 4830th
    Member Joined 7 years ago

    Wow, first ever perfect 10 I've given, but you know what? I've never found a submission as far that truly deserved it until today. The animations work like a dream (I'm using the Anthro Hands Pack V2 so it's claws rather than zombie hands, but it works great :D). The draw animation, 3 types of attack, idle anims - it's all here, and it's all very fluid.

    The sounds fit perfctly for any scenario you wish to fit these anims to, it was a good choice to stay away from zombie groans etc because it makes this truly adaptable (Kung Fu has a similar Eagle Claw style, so there ya go human-using type peeps :P) hence the flawless functionality. Originality speaks for itself really, no-one has ever attempted this before, and it'll be a very long time before something this good graces FPSB's vaults. You have a real talent as an animator, I look forward to your next submissions.

    For once, I have no improvements here, everything works ingame fine, even making knife combat accessible (unlike katanas and things that make knife combat rediculously hard to judge properly) and as stated, it can be fitted to ANY taste, be it horror, martial arts, were-creatures or even those who like to try something different.

    If you're browsing this and are still unsure, just click the download won't be dissapointed.


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  • Alucard789 avatar
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  • Kuristaja avatar
    Kuristaja Offline
    3,169 points Ranked 1201st
    Member Joined 6 years ago
    Posted by ~ SuXx ~ Yes same anim as ZPS but its funny :)
    Posted by rommie Boring porting over ZPS anims..

    I made them from scratch. They are similar what you see in ZPS but not the same.


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