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  • Malpais avatar
    Malpais Offline
    Member Joined 11 months ago
    • Report icon
    10 months ago:


    • nice skin, dude? could u make it with bigger boobs and ass? and a litlle bit more browner it loks like she been in a basement for to long
  • CamX3 avatar
    CamX3 Offline
    4 medals 1 rare
    Member Joined 3 years ago
    • Report icon
    2 years ago:

    90% of the comments on this skin are from sexually frustrated 12 year olds.

    But this is a great skin. Though I do wish she were less. Revealing. Kind of go with the rest of the game. But still very nice!

    Hi! I'm Cam. avatar
    User Title
    Hi! I'm Cam.
  • Drakonus617 avatar
    Drakonus617 Offline
    466 points Ranked 7222nd
    4 medals 1 rare
    Member Joined 3 years ago
    • Report icon
    3 years ago:


    • Original
    • H0T!!!!11
    • Me likey redhead :))


    • too pale
    • b0oBs too low and


    • her skin


    • Meanwhile i'll be doing "Stuff" at the bathroom while thinking of what the next version would look like :))
    Bloodbane Emperor
  • spyke006 avatar
    spyke006 Offline
    4 medals 1 rare
    Member Joined 4 years ago
    • Report icon
    4 years ago:

    hellow there,can i ask some favor to all the great modelers out there,can you make weapons of project blackout & characters to replace my css models..coz i like the character PIT VIper and M4a1 special in PB..thanks

  • CssNoobito avatar
    CssNoobito Offline
    2,059 points Ranked 1793rd
    7 medals 2 rare
    Member Joined 5 years ago
    • Report icon
    5 years ago:

    Pros: Nice Cons: Badass Improvements: Uh, can you make a bikini or make a long-haired version? a pack? maybe. And skin color? Notes: i LOVE female versions.

    Send in the Pro's avatar
    User Title
    Send in the Pro's
  • Anonymous
    • Report icon
    5 years ago:

    She like a HOS!!!

  • Kirarino avatar
    Kirarino Offline
    5 medals 2 rare
    Member Joined 5 years ago
    • Report icon
    5 years ago:

    Pros: why du not

  • P5yCHo avatar
    P5yCHo Offline
    135 points Ranked 17629th
    6 medals 3 rare
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    • Report icon
    6 years ago:

    I knew I know her from somewhere. So I downloaded her along with installing Vampire Bloodlines, and yes: this model is VV from Vampire Bloodlines. So, for those who want naked version of her. look in net for some page with reskins for Vampire Bloodlines, and you'll be able to find some skins. But you will have to work with them, at least a little. Have fun!

    Fabricati Diem, PVNK.
  • arbitor1134 avatar
    arbitor1134 Offline
    5 medals 2 rare
    Member Joined 6 years ago
    • Report icon
    6 years ago:

    PLz oh PLZ take off her top!!!

    (lol jkjk but if you can accualy do that can you?)

  • HL-Kozama avatar
    HL-Kozama Offline
    276 points Ranked 10737th
    5 medals 2 rare
    Member Joined 6 years ago
    • Report icon
    6 years ago:

    I don't like because (don't shot women or kill )

    • Dumb stamp iconDumb x 1
    Google is my friend :] avatar
    User Title
    Google is my friend :]


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