Tracert Shells

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my website is

I wanted something "gimmicky" and new for halloween so i made green wannabe tracer shells in about 5 minutes. Theres nothing special about these except they glow green.

Skins use the default shell model and are desaturated and brightened slightly.

The first pic is from the "blacklight room" of de_hangcastle_halloween made by Dr.Boo. Its a really great map, give it a shot.


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    8 years ago:

    Please remove the + symbol from in front of the name, adding special characters like that break the rules.

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    Thar be snow. Oh, wait. I mean
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    8 years ago:

    The skin itself isn't really good (the gradient is removing the detail from the skins), but the glowing effect is a nice addon. ps: Millenia is right 7/10


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    Respect is everything.
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    8 years ago:

    Don't put numbers, articles or anything unnecessary in front of the name to bump it up higher on the lists.

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    Digital blacksmith
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    8 years ago:

    Wow, cool! This reminds me of some sort of nerf gun. These look sweet!

    Ill awp u on monday
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    9 years ago:

    I like this one. Nice effect.

  • misheelmi avatar
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    9 years ago:

    This is not good

    it will be better if the rounds were tracer

    Kill or be killed
  • urbanxninja avatar
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    9 years ago:

    So when u fire your gun you can see where they go and such?

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    9 years ago:


    Former Mod
  • Archimedes Lockheart avatar
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    9 years ago:

    Dang thats pretty nice


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  • hotmayo avatar
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    9 years ago:

    Pretty sick.


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    Wonder Showzen


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