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  • Doneh avatar
    Doneh Offline
    1,255 points Ranked 3128th
    Member Joined 8 years ago

    1/10, once again.

    -2048x2048 does NOT make it more detailed. It just increases file size. DETAILS make it more detailed.

    -You don't seem to understand that increasing the contrast DOESN'T add detail, or make it look "better", "improved", or "enhanced". It just makes the lighting look uglier and oversaturates the colours.

    -How does adding a weird purple tinge to the Urban and GIGN models translate to "enhanced"?


    Shaders Specialist
  • Poux avatar
    Poux avatar Offline
    4,810 points Ranked 811st
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    Someone finally removed HD title from his skin.


    On hiatus avatar
    User Title
    On hiatus
  • Pablo7017 avatar
    Pablo7017 Offline
    2,312 points Ranked 1683rd
    Member Joined 4 years ago

    Posted by Yaro96 Notes:

    • can you give me a link for dust2 texture?

    sir my map de_dust2 is on working progress but you can download it here in gamebanana just find streetb, retex de_dust.... in texture menu.....

    u kip ur light so shining a li avatar
    User Title
    u kip ur light so shining a li
  • Yaro96 avatar
    Yaro96 Offline
    117 points Ranked 20004th
    Member Joined 5 years ago


    • can you give me a link for dust2 texture?


    Yaro96 avatar
    User Title
  • Ephdethulias avatar
    Ephdethulias Offline
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    Do you even read the comments? You're getting better, yes, but please, put more effort into your submissions, in fact, put a lot more effort into it.


  • Ganryu avatar
    Ganryu avatar Offline
    2,989 points Ranked 1278th
    Super Moderator Joined 6 years ago
    Ganryu avatar
    Helpful Toastie

    You agreed that you would take a week and only submit in the WiP section, as well as take the time during that week to work on your skills. Although this is a slight improvement, you still need a LOT more work before you should submit something without taking the advice of others to heart.

    Because of the fact that you failed to take the advice AGAIN, all I can say is... I am disappoint

    Please, keep your word and take a week before you make any final submissions. Only upload to the WiP section during that time, and get some advice on what to do with the skins before making final submissions. Even if you think they are ready, others can view your WiP's, and they will let you know if it's ready. And I don't mean people that are taken to using extreme sarcasm to make it seem like the skin is perfect when it isn't.

    3/10, please take the time to actually get more work done with further submissions before making them final. If you are wanting others to stop flaming you and getting negative comments in both the skins and your profile, I suggest that you take heed to the advice given to you before it really gets out of hand (assuming it hasn't already).


  • highwatermark avatar
    highwatermark Offline
    328 points Ranked 9800th
    Member Joined 8 years ago

    If you really want him to stop posting, DON'T criticize OR ESPECIALLY VOTE for his skin (even 1's since they don't mean anything to him). If he gets zero votes/comments he might just stop posting.

  • HylianWolf avatar
    HylianWolf Offline
    479 points Ranked 7320th
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    yeah, this is just like all your other stuff...RAPED with contrast. i swear to god, are you even trying anymore? FFS, and you wonder why everyone is sarcastic about their remarks and giving you 1/10's...THIS is why.


    I used to make things
  • ZongO avatar
    ZongO Offline
    240 points Ranked 12279th
    Member Joined 4 years ago

    These seem better then your other releases. Not great, but better.


  • Raumy avatar
    Raumy Offline
    127 points Ranked 18994th
    Member Joined 4 years ago

    Posted by Comrade204

    Posted by fourzero Again, this looks bad. Please, put effort in your work.

    Nonsense, this obviously deserves a 10/10.

    Your kidding, right?


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Pablo7017 avatar
Pablo7017 Offline
2,312 points Ranked 1683rd
Member Joined 4 years ago



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