pink skin pack CT PLAYERS [HD]

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  • kisseddy's Levels
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 4 years
    3 years ago:

    eeehhmmm.... what do you mean? I havenât spam anything?

    Even Haugland
  • ddrag0n's Levels
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      Account Age: 7 years
    3 years ago:

    @RAM! Man, its not like I disagree with you but you really had to push yourself and copy&pasta the same comment all over his submissions?

    As for the upload : Why so spamming?

    User Title
    Fate fell short this time.
  • ......'s Levels
    • E1: Helper
      EF: 2
    • A4: Graduate
      Account Age: 4 years
    3 years ago:

    Nothing Specials......


kisseddy's Levels
  • A5: Veteran
    Account Age: 4 years
kisseddy (Creator/Co-creator)
Key Authors
Even Haugland


Not yet rated.

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Hacked Default Model
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Date Added
3 years ago
Date Modified
3 years ago


If you're not happy or want to change it, contact me and tell me what to do ; )) I was actually going to have a full pink skin pack, but it crashed, so it will come soon. w/ weapons. Here you got the 'cool' skin : DD Pink is the coolest colour ever, so I thought I could make a PINK SKIN ! <3<3 Contact me and say what else I should make ; D -kisseddy


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