Counter-Strike: Source

Glock 18

Now with world models thanks to SpiceMustFlow

Animations have been sitting on my hard drive for a while and I promised El Maestro De Graffiti that I'd put his new textures for Hav0ks' glock model on some nice animations, finally got around to finishing it off.

Unfortunately there are no shaders because I have no experience in making them, I also have not included world models since it's basically a glock replacing a glock.

Comes with 4 options;

  • Naked
  • Silencer + LAM
  • LAM
  • Silencer
  • All options come with it's own buy menu pic and sounds.

    Buy menus are included people!

    Old vid' til' (I assume Max will make one) someone kindly makes me a new one :)

    • Enjoy
    Download 7 mb

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    • ($)KSW($) avatar
      ($)KSW($) Offline
      256 points Ranked 11551st
      Member Joined 2 years ago
      • Report icon


      • awesome skin
      • AWESOME ANIM and Soun


      • None
      • NONE


      • none
      • none


      • Hey can u make a mod for glock but a futuristic glock?
      Someone has my Banana....
    • DuhFlix avatar
      DuhFlix Offline
      Member Joined 2 years ago
      • Report icon


      • can you please put the glove's link, because are awsome
    • kakashi14566 avatar
      kakashi14566 Offline
      Member Joined 6 years ago
      • Report icon

      Hey for some reason the sounds won't work for me. Any knows why?

    • Mike N Ikes avatar
      Mike N Ikes Offline
      125 points Ranked 18919th
      Member Joined 2 years ago
      • Report icon

      Great skin 10/10 and could you give me the link to those gloves in the video. THEY ARE AWESOME

    • O.T.I.S. avatar
      O.T.I.S. Offline
      176 points Ranked 15052nd
      Member Joined 3 years ago
      • Report icon

      AWESOME skin. Great sounds and anims, very detailed model and textures, and the optional attachements all look great. 10/10

      Lowly End User avatar
      User Title
      Lowly End User
    • Luve~ avatar
      Luve~ Offline
      547 points Ranked 6431st
      Member Joined 4 years ago
      • Report icon

      Best 100/10

    • Anonymous
      • Report icon

      Best at all. 10/10 I GARANTEE IT!

    • FireXxAttxX avatar
      FireXxAttxX Offline
      184 points Ranked 14595th
      Member Joined 4 years ago
      • Report icon

      where is the world models -_-

      Smokin' Money avatar
      User Title
      Smokin' Money
    • ResidualDamage avatar
      ResidualDamage Offline
      Member Joined 4 years ago
      • Report icon

      Best Glock on the damn site! Great animations, sounds, textures and an awesome model. Origins are great. Downloading and rating a ten overall.


    • Vityaz avatar
      Vityaz Offline
      509 points Ranked 6834th
      Member Joined 5 years ago
      • Report icon

      Posted by Anonymous In soviet russia Glock shoots you!


      dirty old man, take a shower avatar
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      dirty old man, take a shower


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