Buyscript CS 1.6

//Buyscript CS 1.6 By Fi3nD
//Extract to:
//"C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\youracount\counter-strike\cstrike\cfg"
//In console type "exec buyscript.cfg"
//Go to bottom to see key binds. |
//                               V
// The available buy aliases and their names as shown on the buy menu are:
// (Many weapons have more than one buy alias)
// galil	- IDF Defender
// ak47		- CV-47
// scout	- Schmidt Scout
// sg552	- Krieg 552
// awp		- Magnum Sniper Rifle
// g3sg1	- D3/AU1
// famas	- Clarion 5.56
// m4a1		- Maverick M4A1 Carbine
// aug		- Bullpup
// sg550	- Krieg 550 Commando
// glock	- 9x19mm Sidearm
// usp		- KM .45 Tactical
// p228		- 228 Compact
// deagle	- Night Hawk .50C
// elite	- .40 Dual Elites
// fiveseven	- ES Five-Seven
// m3		- Leone 12 Gauge Super
// xm1014	- Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun
// mac10	- Ingram MAC-10
// tmp		- Schmidt Machine Pistol
// mp5navy	- KM Sub-Machine Gun
// ump45	- KM UMP45
// p90		- ES C90
// m249		- M249
// primammo	- Primary Ammo
// secammo	- Secondary Ammo
// vest		- Kevlar
// vesthelm	- Kevlar+Helmet
// flash	- Flashbang
// hegren	- HE Grenade
// sgren	- Smoke Grenade
// nvgs		- Nightvision
// defuser	- Defusal Kit
// shield       - Riot Shield
alias ammo "primammo; secammo; hegren; flash; flash; sgren; vesthelm; defuser" 
alias para "m249; deagle; ammo"
alias shi "shield; deagle; ammo" 
alias m4/ak "m4a1; ak47; deagle; ammo" 
alias mp5s "mp5; deagle; ammo" 
alias 12g "m3; deagle; ammo" 
alias sc "scout; deagle; ammo" 
alias as "xm1014; deagle; ammo" 
alias awpm "awp; deagle; ammo" 
alias tmp/uzi "tmp; mac10; deagle; ammo" 
alias fam/gal "famas; galil; deagle; ammo" 
alias sig/aug "aug; sg550; deagle; ammo" 
bind - "shi" 
bind > "m4/ak" 
bind [ "mp5s" 
bind ; "12g" 
bind , "sc" 
bind . "awpm" 
bind Del "tmp/uzi" 
bind ' "fam/gal" 
bind / "sig/aug" 
bind \ "ammo" 
bind End "para"
echo "Fi3nD's Buy Script Enabled"
//this will only beable to be seen in your console, no one else's, unless you put say in it like so:
//echo "say MOO!!"
//Change the key binds/echo if you want

Extract to: "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\youracount\counter-strike\cstrike\"

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