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Archive Info

Attributes      Size    Date   Time   Name
----------- ---------  -------- -----  ----
    ..A....       234  14-02-07 20:56  cstrike/maps/de_cpl_strike.txt
    ..A....       309  30-06-07 19:51  cstrike/readme.txt
    ..A....  25899941  24-07-07 16:14  cstrike/maps/de_cpl_strike.bsp
    ..A....    396465  24-07-07 16:15  cstrike/maps/de_cpl_strike.nav
    ...D...         0  24-07-07 16:16  cstrike/maps
    ...D...         0  24-07-07 16:16  cstrike     
----------- ---------  -------- -----  ----
             26296949                  6

Installation Instructions

Submitter's Instructions:

Updated and ported edition of de_cpl_strike for Counter Strike Source. Note, i did NOT make this map. I am simply uploading it here for all CAL players and anyone who likes CPL maps.

Drop this onto your cstrike folder, and click "Yes to all," when the Overwrite window comes up.

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