Counter-Strike: Source


Features: of aim_extreme

  • High-Detail terrian that surpasses any aim map in modern society!

  • Water effects rendered by the source engine.

  • High-Detail buildings to give the feel of battle.

  • An all-new approach to what aim should be like.

  • Sounds that play the real-like feel.

Download Description:

This map for counter-strike source promises to go beyond the visuals and gameplay of ANY aim map as of today! Utilizing the revolutonary graphics engine, this map boast visuals unlike any other in its class! Guarenteed!

Map supports 32 player, NO BOT SUPPORT!. Works on server.

Download 2 mb

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  • Interdome avatar
    Interdome Offline
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    • Report icon

    Pros- Well made, intricate to detail, all around neat map. Cons- ~20 models don't have vphysics properties. This means that they face the user at all times. It's like playing an old 2d FPS, where everything is constantly facing you. The only models that have this are foilage props, but they can be annoying. Note- I don't really feel this is an aim map. It would suit better as a bomb map, or maybe a hostage map. If you switched the spawns around, so t's storm up the hill, they could have a bomb site at the top to plant at. It might play better that way.

  • TempletonPeck avatar
    TempletonPeck Offline
    3,063 points Ranked 1225th
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    • Report icon

    A real good Map with a nice Layout. I really would give it a try on my Server but there is one important aspect that made me hesitate.

    • It Lags ...

    FPS within a Second often drop from about 100 to 12. Many Players wont be able to play it, im sure.

    Pherhaps it would be better to remove the Rain and the Fog. Replace the Light with a nice Sunshine. Other Optimisations im not able to say cause im not a Mapper but those FPS drops are really horrible.

    Try another Version of it and it surely will be on Rotation.

    Cheers !! | CSS | PUB | GUNGAME | avatar
    User Title
  • ronster avatar
    ronster Offline
    476 points Ranked 7248th
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    • Report icon

    Pros: Looks brilliant and is well put together. Cons: rain sound does not work Improvements: get rain sound. Notes: download it you wont be disapointed!


    smash up avatar
    User Title
    smash up
  • xsplinter avatar
    xsplinter Offline
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    • Report icon

    I´m having purple and black textures... Pink water reflection too.

    How to fix it?

  • PattyMac avatar
    PattyMac Offline
    585 points Ranked 6072nd
    Member Joined 9 years ago
    • Report icon

    Awesome map though the cts have it bad

    woot avatar
    User Title
  • .:.BeCool.:. avatar
    .:.BeCool.:. avatar Offline
    25,471 points Ranked 166th
    Member Joined 10 years ago
    • Report icon

    Nice Map Man ............. Cool


    Bananite avatar
    User Title
  • Rouge6 avatar
    Rouge6 Offline
    486 points Ranked 7139th
    Member Joined 10 years ago
    • Report icon

    yes 4 days, spring break + time = map lol

    keep a look out for my next map, de_resolute. its supposed to contain BETTER visuals and more fun gameplay. this one is taking long cause school is back now :(

  • Rouge6 avatar
    Rouge6 Offline
    486 points Ranked 7139th
    Member Joined 10 years ago
    • Report icon

    4 days actually :)

  • JP^ avatar
    JP^ Offline
    2,957 points Ranked 1269th
    Member Joined 10 years ago
    • Report icon

    awsome map, but you shouldnt make it an aim map, put some hosties man. that be way more fun

    [55 /\/\@PP3R
  • tom avatar
    tom avatar Offline
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    15 medals 2 legendary 1 rare
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    Super Admin Joined 14 years ago
    tom avatar
    Avenger Corp.™ Flag
    Avenger Corp.™
    • Report icon

    looks hot

    testing 1 2 3 4


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Rouge6 avatar
Rouge6 Offline
486 points Ranked 7139th
Member Joined 10 years ago





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