de_wanda Map screenshot

de_wanda by soenke c. "warby" seidel )

layout, bsp, scripts, models and textures by soenke c. "warby" seidel photo resources, hdr-sky and entities support - thomas "hessi" hess inspirational paint overs - scott duquette sama awesome maya exporter and debugging help - prallhans

special thanks:

riviera for maintaining my website while i was making this map. kokosovar for the french poster text translation. dodger, ornatebaboon, barrakid, defrag, r_yell and acumen for the help with the audio and bomb targets. the bfc berliner fight club clan for providing the dedicated beta test server. the [00] clan for web hosting of the map file. the [env] clan for help testing the map even if it means to sacrifice social life ^^

greetings to: x-tender carny sa74n xenon bedlam krueps alec moody linga lord scottish shimmer sixshooter lumpn zacker everyone from mapcore cs.maps and all polycounters

known issues: -when using the coin operated binoculars be careful to not get killed or the player camera will get stuck in there forever how to fix: we have to wait for valve to address this engine bug for now don't use em or reconnect if it happens to you. "

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    6 months ago:

    What a awesome map, I heard about it from the snarkpit.

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    One plan, 55 Ideas.
  • daftdom avatar
    daftdom Offline
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    2 years ago:

    This is jusy a Kickass map , i wold like more doors to be open but eventhough that this map is so great

  • NaitsirK di Fire avatar
    NaitsirK di Fire avatar Offline
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    3 years ago:

    Hehe, I made the 260,000th view :P

    Glorious map, nothing more to say.

    The lighting is good, the detail is... I have no words for it, the gameplay is bad because of the shear size and detail but when u look at it from another angle, this isn't a map meant to be played, but to be looked at.

    As LexxoR said, it is a masterpiece of graphic or should I say, 3D design.

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    Post Mapper.
  • LexxoR avatar
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    4 years ago:


  • ThePhysicsGun avatar
    ThePhysicsGun Offline
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    4 years ago:


    • Map is beautiful
    • Amazing brushwork


    • Could be a bit better optimized, but still done very well


    • None to speak of


    • Possibly one of the most detailed maps out there (should come with CS: GO)
  • 3likin avatar
    3likin Offline
    Member Joined 4 years ago
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    4 years ago:

    Epic map =) I like it

    Bananite avatar
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  • supermap777 avatar
    supermap777 Offline
    Member Joined 5 years ago
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    5 years ago:

    de_wanda = the wonder ??!!
    many texture replace brushes details and nice skybox :)

  • Carma avatar
    Carma Offline
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    5 years ago:

    You mean 10/10?

  • CookieRetard avatar
    CookieRetard Offline
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    5 years ago:

    one of my favorite maps 10/9999999! =D

  • Renya avatar
    Renya Offline
    223 points Ranked 13070th
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    5 years ago:

    Holy...Crap... I had no idea you could play Counter-Strike on the Crysis engine...

    Edit: Valve hire this guy. Now.

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    Generic Otaku


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