helo my good friend jordan asked me to upload this to him cus he dont knwo hwo to make a account on gamebanaan and yes it is posible mpa he spend very long time on this, not 5 min but 3 months at last so have fun and play no script allowed

Download 16 mb

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  • sexy but not trying.. avatar
    sexy but not trying.. Offline
    1,395 points Ranked 2832nd
    Member Joined 2 years ago

    One of the best bhop maps right now. I personally don't think Keyuu nor Deppy could do any better work than this. GG Jordan.


    serz fan
  • Serz avatar
    Serz Offline
    2,562 points Ranked 1496th
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    it is finishable at a specific time

    serz terrible
  • Silente2 avatar
    Silente2 Offline
    Member Joined 2 years ago

    Sry to say so, but this is the biggest troll map since bhop_of_longest. I can't even be so optimistic as to see this map as a joke. Seriously, if it would work properly at least I would say, ok, a kiddy found the hammer editor, but this "map" is unfinishable for me, not cauz I am bad, but cauz it keeps portin me back before finishin...


  • Serz avatar
    Serz Offline
    2,562 points Ranked 1496th
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    get some balls and post on your main lmfao

    serz terrible
  • Anonymous

    Jordan owned you on his channel, i know he scripts, but you copy surf maps and put it on bhop maps... that's sad serz...

  • Lepraaah avatar
    Lepraaah Offline
    201 points Ranked 13918th
    Member Joined 2 years ago


    • First of all, i wouldnt even discribe this as a map, it are some blocks you jump over and you finsish the "map" in 9 seconds. you should be ashamed of yourself by advertising your name above every block, that ruins the visibility for players, and besides that, if you make crap like this, why would you even want to mention your name, i would be highly embarresed if i would publish something like this with my name all over it. this is not more as 1 minute work in hammer, you rly should feel ashamed of making somehting like this. + your "soundtrack" is 20 mb or soemthing lol, the map itself is probably not even 50 KB. size is way way to big.
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  • Serz avatar
    Serz Offline
    2,562 points Ranked 1496th
    Member Joined 5 years ago


    • thanks


    • i will
    • let know to


    • jordan
    • that uy think


    • its good for 400
    • gravty
    serz terrible
  • balckaht avatar
    balckaht Offline
    Member Joined 2 years ago

    hi. i just nwo playhd dis map and i think jorden did a rly gud job!!!!!! it tuk me 10 mins wit 400 gravity and no friction very gud map for LEGIT settings like 400 grav... wont be sun nubs wil play at 800..

    • Agree x 1


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Serz avatar
Serz Offline
2,562 points Ranked 1496th
Member Joined 5 years ago

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