Counter-Strike: Source


This is a Map for Counter-Strike: Source submitted by thegregster101.

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Escape Isla Nublar, The Island Where John Hammond Created His Dream "Jurassic Park"

ze isla nublar v2_1

v2_1 Fixes

  • trigger push to stop zombies from knifing under the helicopter
  • moved a teleport exit to avoid teleport spam
  • fixed zombie healer from teleporting instead of healing
  • normal mode more easy

v2 Fixes

  • random teleport glitches fixed
  • hard mode more harder

v1fix Fixes

  • added missing helicopter propeller textures

v1 Fixes

  • added a new spawn area
  • shotgun/medic kit can't be spammed
  • fixed shotgun ammo
  • moved medic kit spawn
  • extreme ending more easy
  • helicopter rotors fixed
  • cube maps (shiny surfaces)
  • better fps in lobby/boss fight area.
  • new path into the roof for zombies
  • some doors for zombies now break, so those behind the group can catch up
  • added a table at a hold point
  • crates in the cafe now break on extreme
  • trex moon walk now happens alot less.
  • fixed a bug where ct could win with zombies in the copter

b2 Fixes

  • fixed invisible boxes and other items not showing gltich
  • added button so admin can change the level
  • fixed the tele on hard mode so afk's and respawns will go into raptor pen and not respawn in the complex
  • zombies now heal when in the raptor pen
  • added timer on the trex battle
  • reduced trex hp
  • added medic kit
  • adjusted heli paths

b1_5 Fixes

  • compile time now down to 6mins
  • bsp size reduced (.bsp=80mb) (.bz2=41mb)
  • reduced the amount of phys objects in map
  • removed area portal windows
  • removed some breakables
  • changed normal hold at the end
  • new improved clipping, to reduce chance of zombie fail nade
  • minor spawn changes
  • trex trigger_hurt now larger radius
  • fixed water outside of visitors center

b1 Fixes

  • removed secret teleport
  • re-worked level system
  • optimization (compile from 18mins to 9mins)
  • added new helicopter (black hawk)
  • more trex hp
  • last ending rocks light glitch is fixed
  • removed area portals from outisde
  • increased far z plane for more fps
  • more level brushes/displacments are now 3d skybox
  • normal ending roof area optimized (player should get 25-100 more fps here than before)

a4 Fixes

  • crash fix update (crash should be now fixed, if not please report)
  • trex health added
  • route time adjustment
  • prop adjustment
  • predator texture added
  • some minor detail changes
  • secret changed
  • added some he nades in more secret places
  • added another shotgun in the most secret route (hard extreme only)

a3 Fixes

  • zombies can get under the gate at raptor pen
  • improved cliping in places
  • rotated a crate at a defend spot
  • secret way teleport is now allowed for only ct
  • added a new camp spot at the raptor pen
  • improved timing of extreme helicopter
  • added some more HP to t-rex
  • doors dont block or stick players on extreme mode
  • changed a texture or two
  • fixed non working helicopter blades on some rounds

a2 Fixes

  • crash is now fixed (not 100% though until tested)
  • double wooded doors dont kill you
  • normal differcultie helicopter comes in faster
  • delayed control room glass break time
  • ending of extreme completely changed (now is like the novel)
  • doors at spawn break faster
  • some minor detail changes
  • t-rex increased HP (only fair match if server has regular clip)
  • improved 3d skybox
  • displacment value reduced in some places
  • removed 1 route for normal only (less camper)
  • player can no longer live the fall over the pen
  • fail nade zombie up to trigger "lose_trigger" is now almost impossible
  • added boxes and table for defence
  • more console messages


  • Normal,hard and extreme modes
  • trex boss fight
  • different endings
  • 3d skybox
  • usable spas12 shot gun and medic kit
  • 64 spawns
  • custom models, sounds, textures and music
  • cube maps

Please leave feedback on any bugs and improvements, thanks.


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Key Authors
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Custom fence/gate models
Custom Textures
tree models
Cta Clan
black hawk


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5 years ago
Jul 6 2011 @ 6:03am UTC
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4 years ago
Dec 26 2011 @ 1:04pm UTC
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Fun 9.3 8 8 to 10
Gameplay 8.9 7 8 to 10
Looks 9.1 7 8 to 10
Realism 8.4 5 7 to 9
Sound 7 5 5 to 9
Teamplay 9 5 8 to 10
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