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Map by [DNv]Cross

This version fixes the gravity bug and the easter-egg bug, as well as a few other map exploit areas.

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  • Thinkfast2008's Levels
    • A4: Graduate
      Account Age: 4 years
    3 years ago:

    The maps gameplay is really outstanding. good work!

    Map developer + graphic design
  • PatoXD's Levels
    • A4: Graduate
      Account Age: 3 years
    3 years ago:

    Hey guys I need help with this map. almost half of the map is purple and black. really do not know what the problem is ... pls how do I fix it?

  • SuckOrDie's Levels
    • A4: Graduate
      Account Age: 4 years
    3 years ago:

    Realy, realy nice map, congratz.

    User Title
    Cookie? :3
  • Hunt3rXD's Levels
    • P1: Beggar
      Points: 171
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 4 years
    4 years ago:

    I have it from somewhere.

    User Title
    I am coming to get you boy!
  • Ayalastar's Levels
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 4 years
    4 years ago:

    I believe this map is flawless, as well as it can be easily edited for any type of gameplay, even zombie mod!

    If you don't have this map on your Counter-Strike: Source server, I suggest you give it a chance, you'll notice it works well, also with great FPS rates.

    LinuxGamingServers Support
  • Stiann's Levels
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 5 years
    5 years ago:


    Stian !
  • AGRESSOR's Levels
    • P2: Drudge
      Points: 2,077
    • A6: Elder
      Account Age: 6 years
    5 years ago:

    Thank you for that map! =)

  • Biohazard's Levels
    • P1: Beggar
      Points: 19
    • E1: Helper
      EF: 1
    • A6: Elder
      Account Age: 7 years
    5 years ago:

    Being a "competetive" player, I love this map!It's one of my favourites to scrim(along with de_train, de_contra, and eh, even though I don't like what Source made of inferno, de_inferno).

    Why do I love this map?Because since it is fan-made, Valve couldn't ruin it, with a shitload of props, that just make the gameplay horrible, so it kept the simplicity of 1.6, yet an awesome gameplay.

    There are many other things that make me love this map.It remembers me 1.6, because you can wallbang in a lot of places(there are doors, steel walls, a lot of boxes etc), and that's a nice thing.

    I only see a downside.The door at bombsite B, it suffers the same bug as de_nuke.Yes phys_timescale 1.5 fixes it, but I don't think it's permitted to use on scrims.

    Overall, a clean, wellknown, and awesome scrim/pub map!


    User Title
  • Ankh's Levels
    • P3: Peasant
      Points: 16,814
    • E1: Helper
      EF: 4
    • A6: Elder
      Account Age: 9 years
    5 years ago:

    Good map. Enjoyed playing it on 1.6 too.

    User Title
  • Kangaroux's Levels
    • P1: Beggar
      Points: 444
    • E1: Helper
      EF: 4
    • A6: Elder
      Account Age: 7 years
    6 years ago:

    Overall good map.


    User Title
    I'm back, bitches.


[DNv]Cross's Levels
  • P2: Drudge
    Points: 2,182
  • A7: Legend
    Account Age: 10 years
[DNv]Cross (Creator/Co-creator)
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