Zombie:Reloaded Beta 2

The purpose of this plugin is to change the gameplay of CS:S. The objective of the game for humans is to kill all zombies before they become infected themselves.


FROM: Release: Zombie:Reloaded Beta 2

                     Zombie:Reloaded Release Notes

          Targets plugin version 3.0.0 Beta 2, 2009.12.11
                      Written by Richard Helgeby

                       Last modified: 2009.12.11


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  • Takuru's Levels
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    Posted 6 months ago


    • lol
  • rhelgeby's Levels
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    Posted 3 years ago

    I just want to inform everyone that the version uploaded here may not be the latest one. Currently, only the main release is uploaded here, but patches are missing.

    To get the latest version and patches you should check our forum: Zombie:Reloaded Main Forum

    Project at Google Code: Zombie:Reloaded @ Google Code

    Richard Helgeby
    Zombie:Reloaded Head Developer

  • red caste's Levels
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    Posted 3 years ago

    Please remember to read the thread @ alliedmodders Release: Zombie:Reloaded Beta 2 ++

    The manual can be found here ++

    Before you can use this mod, you'll need the following mods:

    • Metamod:Source 1.8.6+

    • SourceMod 1.3.7+

    • SDK Hooks extension 2.0+


    Keep in mind, that i have only re-posted this on Gamebanana, i have nothing to do with the project. ++ If you need to test out the mod, then you can try it at the golden gravy server:

    User Title
    SUP EVERYBAWDYYYY111!11!1one'!


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    Points: 9,494
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red caste (Redistributor)
Key Authors
Zombie:Reloaded Development Team
Greyscale & Richard


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